Geschlechtsunterschiede in der kindlichen MINT-Lernmotivation: Forschungsbefunde zu bestehenden Unterschieden und Einflussfaktoren

Image credit: Lena Keller


The paper aims to give an overview of the current state of research on the emergence of gender differences in early STEM motivation (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The review of the research literature shows that gender differences in children’s STEM motivation tend to occur as early as preschool. With regard to influencing factors, there is some empirical evidence to support the notion that differences in the frequency and quality of early STEM learning opportunities at home contribute to the emergence of gender differences in children’s motivation. Research on the influence of the preschool context is scarce and results are inconsistent. In general, more research is needed to investigate the antecedents of gender differences in early STEM motivation.

Diskurs Kindheits- und Jugendforschung/Discourse. Journal of Childhood and Adolescence Research
Lena Kristina Keller
Lena Kristina Keller

Psychologist, empirical educational research, quantitative methods enthusiast